The emotion of dreaming with the customer

Working in the field of interior design sometimes involves getting into the lives of our clients and accompanying them in their project.

Knowing in detail what they do in their office, how they do it and how they want to do it, are daily challenges that architects and interior architects offer to us all over the world.

Images of the empty space, 3D design and final result of the OFITA project for ROLAND DG

OFITA has been for a long time a recognized manufacturer of office furniture. Several of our departments such as engineering, projects, logistics or sales have combined their efforts and knowledge to interpret the interior designer’s arguments to create project in line with customer needs. Our final goal as well as that of the interior designer is the satisfaction of the final customer who will be the user of the furniture.

3D Image and final result of the operating area OFITA project for INFOAVAN

In each of us, there is a strong feeling at the end of the work, namely the precision with which we are able to reproduce the projects of our customers. The process begins with the analysis of the space as a whole, the characteristics of the floors, walls and ceilings, the impact of light on future workstations, the connectivity, the wiring the user will need, all these elements defined in great detail when creating the project.

We have had the privilege of making furniture for many companies, showing them 3D images of their project and thus imagining with the architect, design, shapes, colors and finishes that we would work afterwards.

We worked on the project of ROLAND DG, defined by the project manager José Carlos Gallego, and INFOAVAN, in Madrid, whose images are witnesses of these shared emotions.

3D image and final result of the OFITA project for INFOAVAN

The feeling is incredible when the project ends and it closely resembles reality. The perfection of the virtual images created by our technical team sometimes arrives at such a precision that it is difficult to distinguish them from the real images.

This encourages us to continue working in this direction, knowing that our clients are getting exactly the result they want by entrusting OFITA with the furnishings of their office.



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