What is the importance of a good design of furniture in the work space?

  What does a good design of furniture mean for the work space? “It means optimization of space, ergonomics, easing individual or team work and above all the attraction and retention of in-house talent in addition to the corporate image projected” reminds us Elena Domenech, A&D Market Manager of Ofita.     Customization is one of the [...]

HARA – Designed with a unique and exclusive elasticity system, the Sneaker System. 

    Hara is an innovative, ergonomic task chair thanks to its special backrest. The backrest is strong due to its hind piece but accompanies all of the user’s movements with its flexible front zone. This front piece has tensors to reach the optimum balance between flexibility and support. When designing, Andreas Krob was inspired by [...]

Nodal offices and new models humanize work spaces

We talk about nodal offices and humanization of work environments. Work spaces have undergone radical change. New competitiveness conditions of the global market along with the development of TICs and the progressive incorporation of new generations and corporate cultures have boosted new management methods. And especially new work dynamics and work spaces conceived for people.   [...]

Healthy offices; creating human environments for workplaces

A design based on caring for people (healthy offices); this is the aspect of offices that have reinvented their work environment aimed at responding to new work methodologies and new corporate cultures. New work spaces outstand for their absolute capacity to adapt and be modified depending on the changing needs of people, teams and/or the company. [...]

New work spaces

By Camilo Agromayor, CEO of Ofita Traditional offices of the 20th century have their days numbered. The way in which people works has changed and with it the needs of employees, this being the reason for the incorporation of new types of spaces such as informal areas.   With new professional models based on the [...]

Bodegas Paniza, unique design architecture with Ofita furniture

  Marta González Arquitectos has chosen Ofita’s furniture to equip the new premises of Bodegas Paniza, in particular the stylish Nexa chairs and i-Surf tables fitted with technology for an optimal incorporated communication, sofas and made to measure design counters made of Krion. A spectacular design as we can see in the image.      An iconic [...]

Ofita projects with made to measure furniture; the value of the difference

Why made to measure furniture? Each company is different with values that make them unique and therefore they also require unique work spaces in line with the way they do things and designed for THEIR people. One of Ofita’s distinctions is made to measure furniture especially for big facilities. We adapt our products to the functional [...]

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