The Versa Collection, Mention of Honour at the prestigious Best of Year Awards, Interior Design Magazine

Congratulations! The Versa collection has received an honourable mention in the Best of Year Awards by the prestigious US magazine Interior Design, recognizing the best products and projects of the year. The 2016 Best of Year awards. Photography by Erik Bardin This recognition adds to recent ones that fill us with pride; and [...]

The best internal chat platforms for office communication

Internal communication in companies has seen radical changes in recent years and collective workspaces are becoming increasingly popular, especially in companies that need to cultivate creativity. Another good way to keep the conversation flowing in your team is the use of an internal chat platform. You might be surprised to learn that using a chat tool in your company doesn’t mean a [...]

The workplace: the new ally in intergenerational management

For the first time in Spain’s history, there are now between four and five generations present at the same time in the workplace, spanning an age range of approximately 51 years. The Generation and Talent Observatory lists Veterans, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, Generation Z… Moreover, none of these groups have the same way of working, [...]

OFITA: 40 years alongside companies throughout the world

Since 1969 we have had first-hand experience of all the changes that have taken place in Society, and specifically in professional environments. All our projects are backed by specific research into the corporate identity of our clients and an adaptation to each geolocation, a look into their history, paying special attention to their surroundings, their ambitions [...]

Forthink: furniture to drive innovation processes

In the current climate of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) many traditional processes are no longer valid. Companies need to work with new, more agile and flexible dynamics. Words like scrum, design thinking and lean startup are here to stay. […]

Interview with Juan Gasca, CEO of Thinkers Co.

“Agile working methodologies need new workspaces” Scrum, agile, kanban… all words commonly used in software development but unknown outside this field. Until now. These are just some of the agile working methodologies that arose in the world of IT during the second half of the 1980s and the start of the 1990s and which are attracting [...]

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