2019 Trends in furniture and office design

What are 2019 trends in furniture and office design? Technologies and new corporate cultures have radically changed work methods and therefore office spaces. With new employment models based on the absence of hierarchy and boosting creativity and intra-entrepreneurship over control and the presence of employees at their work stations, spaces are transforming into social spaces, Silicon [...]

Design of offices, five trends that will burst into the scene by 2020

Design of offices, five trends that will burst into the scene by 2020    These last years we have experienced radical changes inside companies and in the design of offices. We have seen how digital revolution has readjusted working methodologies making ever more common the use of new technologies in the office. Speaking with clients who [...]

Happyness at work – 8 keys to turn your office into a happy place

Happyness at work - Employees most committed with their workplaces are happier and respond being up to 30% more productive. Benefits do not result only in productivity. It has been verified that happy employees can increase their creativity up to 86% and improve their health up to 20%. In this context, it is important for companies [...]

Tuning offices into a recruitment magnet

it´s possible tuning offices into a recruitment magnet? These days no one seems to doubt of the transformation process undergone by offices, turning them into spaces increasingly diverse and innovative. Within this context of change, they are gaining a new functionality as a recruitment tool, hand in hand with practices and furniture increasingly innovative which allow [...]

Employees who are happy with their offices may be up to a 30% more productive

Happiness has turned into an issue of vital interest to organizations. Not only because happy people have a positive impact among those around them but also because it is a key aspect to increase labour productivity.     As stated by the journalist Raúl Salgado in the blog of Movistar, employees who feel happy in [...]

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